What is OnSiteMonitor?

One Platform For All Devices Regardless of Manufacturer!
The OnSiteMonitor is a platform that monitors the status of devices, issues controls to devices, and sends alerts when a device status crosses a threshold. The platform allows you to use a single dashboard or web portal for your OnSiteMonitor supported devices.

Multiple Manufacturer Support!
Supported devices do not have to be from the same manufacturer. This feature is the basic premise of the OnSiteMonitor platform. Interoperability among the devices benefits you by providing a single web portal to check the status of all your devices.

Devices Work Together!
Devices can be used to trigger actions from other devices. This is part of the automation built right into the platform.

Attentive Customer Support
We pride ourselves in providing our customers with "top Notch" service. It is our goal to address any issues, concerns, questions, or enhancements as soon as possible. We also communicate with our customers until a resolution is in place.

Standard Subscription

This subscription is for those that wish to download, install, and manage OnSiteMonitor themselves. You handle all apsects of the application including device management. The desktop software provides you device and feature options than the online subscription.

The following are the different pricing options available with the Standard Subscription:

  • License - When you purchase the license, the software web portal, email support, software upgrades, all alerting options, and device configuration updates are included for the first year of service. This license does not expire. The software will continue to work after the first year of support ends. Without support, the web portal is not available and alerting options are limited to those available on your computer (pop-up window, speakers, etc.). Support can be purchased annually.
  • Annual Support - This option provides the full set of features an options for an annual fee. Support includes web portal access, unlimited software upgrades, full local and Internet based alerting options (email, SMS, MMS, voice), email support, device configuration updates for a full year.
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    Online Subscription

    This subscription is the easiest route for you to take. You acquire the desired devices, place them where you need them, and then tell us how you want the alerts configured.

    By default, your subscription gives you 24x7 access to your devices. If you need additional services like reporting and data integrations with your backoffice applications, additional options are available.

    The device list for the online subscription is a subset of what is available via the Standard Subscription. Click the button below to see the current list of supported devices for the online subscription.

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    Messages & Alerts

    We use the MsgWheel.com service for sending email, SMS, MMS, and Voice alerts for OnSiteMonitor. Messages are token based and can be purchased as needed.

    Standard Subscription Data Flow

    Online Subscription Data Flow

    Growth and Customization

    A device is characterized as an object that can be monitored. This includes physical devices, disk drives, web pages, file content, and more. Physical devices are typically commercially available products that can be easily purchased on the Internet.

    Start with a single device and add more as you need them them. Our supported product list is constantly growing. Device requests are always welcomed.

    To see some examples on how you might setup OnSiteMonitor, visit the Usage Scenarios.

    Types of Devices

    The market place has an abundance of products that offer a wide variety of functionality. The current list of devices we currently support is a small fraction of those with potential for certification with OnSiteMonitor.

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    Native Vendor Apps

    There is nothing in OnSiteMonitor that prevents you from using the mobile apps provided by any product's manufacturer. We realize that most products can have a phone app and we would not want to prevent you from using them. They usually offer functionality that OnSiteMonitor may not provide. OnSiteMonitor simply consolidates the functionality from all devices into a single web portal.