What is OnSiteMonitor?

The OnSiteMonitor platform uses your home computer to create a custom Home Security and Home Automation system. With the OnSiteMonitor your computer becomes a machine that can monitor cameras, control the climate, adjust lighting, monitor door/windows, monitor free space on your computer, send email, play audio files, send alerts, make phone calls, and more.

Basic OnSiteMonitor Concept: Read the status of one device, and cause an action to occur from any configured device within your OnSiteMonitor configuration.

OnSiteMonitor allows you to use products from multiple vendors that communicate with each other. Events are used to issue commands to perform actions when specific conditions are met.

OnSiteMonitor is only active when the software is running on your computer. The software is the heart of the system. It monitors devices, issues controls, takes camera photos, and allows you to interact with your devices remotely using your smart phone, table, or computer. If the console application not running, OnSiteMonitor is not active for your account.

The following shows you how data flows throughout the OnSiteMonitor system.

Sample Configurations
To see some examples on how you might setup OnSiteMonitor, visit the Usage Scenarios.

The annual subscription is $79. A subscription includes full functionality of the platform. Additional rates apply for phone and SMS/Mobile alerts.
- Each phone call costs $0.03.
- Each SMS/Mobile text message costs $0.02.

Growth and Customization
Our system uses commercially available products that can be easily purchased. Start as small as you want and add devices as you need them. Our supported product list is constantly growing. Device requests are always welcomed.

Types of Devices
The market place has lots of products utilizing various types of technologies. The current list of supported devices is a small fraction of those with potential for certification with OnSiteMonitor. As new technologies, products, and services are certified to work with OnSiteMonitor, the information will be updated on our Supported Products & Services page.

Events, Actions, and Schedules
An event is a status change for a device. When a status changes, one or more actions can be made. Actions can also be scheduled to occur at a specific time each day, hourly, etc. For example, you can receive an email alert or phone call with a custom message when motion is detected at your front door.

Vendor Apps
There is nothing in OnSiteMonitor that prevents you from using the mobile apps provided by any product's manufacturer. We realize that most products will have a phone app that allows you to view camera images or turn devices on & off. OnSiteMonitor simply consolidates the functionality from all devices into a single interface.

Click HERE for a list of Supported Products & Services.



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