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The Standard Subscription allows you to install and operate OnSiteMonitor from your own computer system. You can add and configure any supported device. Create alerts as needed and choose from the many messaging options. Devices are may be purchased on Internet sites like Amazon. We have links to purchase devices on our Supported Device List page.

Account creation will be initiated when you first launch the application. Click Here To Download The Software.

Don't Have Any Devices? No problem. You can add most devices even though you do not have the physical device. Some devices can be added in simulation mode, other devices are either cloud/Internet based, or local to your computer. This allows you to trial the system without having to spend any money on devices. Devices in simulation mode will just present artificial status values when the device(s) are scanned.

The Online Subscription is our subscription service for remote device monitoring. Services include Tank Monitoring, Business Watch, Home Watch, Vacation Watch, & Elder Watch.

To sign up and get started, you first need to create an account. There is no charge to create the account. Click on the button below to create your account. Once your account has been created, you will then be able to purchse devices.