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One Application For All Your Devices

The OnSiteMonitor concept is simple. It is a platform that integrates devices and technologies across different manufacturers. Our console application allows you to add devices and control them from within one system.

As you probably know, a lot of companies in the marketplace offers a way to control various type of devices. The problem you run into is that to control or monitor all of your devices, you would need an application for each one.

Our system offers you flexibility, growth, and numerous options all within one easy to use system. New features are being added or enhanced all the time.

The OnSiteMonitor system allows you to add various devices from various manufacturers and technologies. Click HERE for a list of Supported Products & Services.

Annual Subscription

OnSiteMonitor is a subscription based service which renews annually. Your subscription provides you unlimited software updates and remote access.

Control Devices When You Are Away

Each account has remote access via the Internet. Every device, events, schedules, and some configuration settings are accessible at any time from where ever you are with a smart phone, tablet, or computer.


Most cameras are candidates for inclusion with OnSiteMonitor. We have certified several camera make/models to work with OnSiteMonitor that detect motion. Other cameras an be added that allow you to take photos and record videos. Supportred cameras are noted on the 'Supported Products & Services' page. Contact us if you have a camera that is not on the list and would like to get it certified.

Cloud Storage

By default, camera photos and videos are stored on your local computer. If you want access to your photos and videos when you are away from your computer, you can use Microsoft's OneDrive cloud servier. OneDrive will sync your files on your computer to your account and where you can access and manage files at time time from anywhere.

Use Camera Pan/Tilt, And Preset Features

If you are using a cameras that support pan/tilt and preset options, you can issue these controls from your smart phone or from the console application.

Remotely Arm/Disarm The System

From your smart phone, tablet, or computer, you can easily Arm and Disarm your OnSiteMonitor with a click of a button.

Monitor Disk Space On Your Computer

If you add computer disk drives to be monitored, you can set alerts on the percentage of free space available for each drive. This would be especially useful when you have cameras being scanned by OnSiteMonitor. Over time, you will fill up the drive where camera images are stored. When you are alerted that a drive is reaching a predetermined threshold, you can take action.

Email Camera Photos

Camera photos can be easily sent to any email address from your smart phone, tablet or computer. They can also be sent with events and scheduled actions.

Email Alerts

When creating your events and schedules, you have the option to send alerts to the administrator email address and/or any specified list of email addresses.

Phone Calls

OnSiteMonitor can place phone calls through events and scheduled actions.

There are three options available to make phone calls:

  • Internet Phone Calls. This is the best option. A customized message can be made for each device. There is a fee to use this service. The cost is just a few pennies per call. Up to three phone numbers can be used. When a phone call is answered, there is an option to press a button on the phone and acknowledge the call. In doing so, no additional calls will be made for that alert. If a phone call is not acknowledged, the next phone number will be dialed. If the call is not acknowledged, the next phone number in the list will be called until all numbers have been dialed.
  • Land Line Modem. This option requires additional hardware connected to your computer and can only dial a phone number. These modems are inexpensive and can be connected very easily to your computer and phone line.
  • GSM/Cellular Modem. This option requires additional hardware connected to your computer and can only dial a phone number. It also requires a SIM card and service from a U.S. based cellular service provider.
  • Events And Actions

    Event are created to cause an action to be made when the status of a device changes. When a status changes, one or more actions can be made. For example, A light bulb changes from “off” to “on” and an email is sent to an email address. The event is the light bulb change and the action is the email being sent. Actions can also be scheduled to occur at a specific time or regular interval.

    The following actions are examples of actions that can be selected:

  • Devices that can be controlled (ie. on, off, dimmer, etc.)
  • Play audio file on local computer
  • Send email
  • Make phone calls
  • Enable/disable category monioring
  • Display And Manage Log Files

    The system keeps track of all activity associated with your account. The following logs are available using your smart phone, tablet, and computer:
    1. Transaction Log - Running total for all Internet Phone Calls and deposits into the account.
    2. Device Log - Records every action performed in your system or to your devices.

    Log files are also stored on the console computer for each application component for OnSiteMonitor.


    The OnSiteMonitor console application has a dashboard tha provides a current status of your system. The dashboard also contains buttons for devices which allow more details and commands that can be issued.

    Event Groups

    Groups allow you to run a group of events at the same time. You can use the default groups or create your own.

    Default Groups
    1. OnSiteMonitor Startup: Run events when the console first started.
    2. OnSiteMonitor Shutdown: Run events when the console is stopped.
    3. Camera Startup: Run events when cameras are enabled.
    4. Camera Shutdown: Run events when cameras are disabled.
    5. Good Morning
    6. Good Night
    7. Vacation Watch

    Camera Videos

    Create 60 second videos (about 120 camera images) from any of your cameras. Request from 1-10 videos at a time or even continuous video creation. Any video can be uploaded so it can be accessed remotely. Videos can be uploaded and viewed from mobile devices.

    Video requests can also originate remotely. Due to the size of the videos, these videos will be limited to 15 second videos and will be automatically uploaded so they can be access from smart phones, tablets, or computers.


    Devices, Events, and Groups can be enabled and disabled using the console application or remotely using your smart phone, table, or computer.

    Additional User Accounts

    If you need other people to login and have to your devices, you can create accounts with various permission levels and expiration dates.

    Mobile Features

    No Personally Identifiable Information (PII)

    Per our security policy, the web site does not contain or require Personally Identifiable Information (PII). We realize that there as security issues with anything that connects to the Internet. Since OnSiteMonitor deals with devices connected to your home or place of business, we take extra precautions to limit the information that would associate your web account with your home or business.

    Status & Control

    From a smart phone, table, or computer, each account has the potential for access to each device and certain system configurations.

    Run Events, Actions & Groups

    With the click of a button you can run any event or group.

    User Accounts

    User accounts created using the console application. Expiration dates and passwords can be reset remotely using smart phones, tablets, and computers.

    Arming/Disarming The System

    With the click of a button, you can arm and disarm your system.

    Category Monitoring

    Categories is for grouping devices. When a device is added to the system, a category is required. Categories can be enabled or disabled remotely. Then disabled, devices associated to the category will not be monitored and are inactive until the category is enabled.

    Access Latest Transactions

    Your smart phone, tablet, or computer has access to the last 24 hours of phone calls and device logs.


    Devices have the ability to configured a 'default' or primary status in the console application. There is a option that will display any device where the status is not equal to the primary status.

    Request Camera Photos and Videos Remotely

    A photo can be requested from any of the camera at any time.

    Create 15 second videos (about 30 camera images) from any of your cameras. The last five videos remain available until manually deleted.


    Click HERE for a list of Supported Products & Services.


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